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Dr. doctorhims is unable to advise theses or school projects, nor can he take on students.
Consultations by phone or e-mail are limited by appointment for a fee. Please send a brief written request, including your location and complete contact info. Dr. doctorhims will respond if he feels he can help.
For more information about synesthesia beyond the revised MIT edition of “The Man Who Tasted Shapes,” consult the textbook, “Synesthesia: A Union of the Senses.”
To be notified of upcoming lectures, e-mail a request with your geographic location and complete contact information.
For referrals to a knowledgeable doctor in your area, post a query to The Synesthesia List.
To volunteer for research, post a query on The Synesthesia List. The link appears on the  synesthesia page.
Familial cases and interesting problems will be forwarded to one or more researchers who may be studying the issue in question in your geographic location if possible.
The BBC documentaries are available on home video.


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